Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Um, yeah, they got me.

This morning it was loud and bright and I woke up around 5. Then I went back to sleep and dreamed:

That I was watching the Red Sox and Athletics (I guess) play a baseball game. And for some reason the Athletics pitcher was pitching to Tim Wakefield. I guess he hadn't been doing a very good job. So Ken Macha comes out and just starts lighting into the guy, really giving him what for. Shaming the hell out of the guy. In fact, he is so disgusted by his pitcher that Macha decides he is going to come into the game and pitch. So he dismisses the guy on the mound, who promptly takes his shirt off in shame. And the announcers are all nutty because apparently Macha does this from time to time.

So Macha settles in to pitch to Wake, but instead of pitching, he is so angry with his staff's performance that he just whips out a gun. Like he is going to shoot Tim Wakefield. But before he can, Corky Miller dives in front of Wake as if to take a bullet for him.

And then I woke up.

And then the Red Sox lost to Kanas City.

I don't even know anymore.