Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Well, he sure filled out.

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Dougie: Hello?

Wake: Hey, buddy.

Dougie: Sup?

Wake: I was just hoping you could help me make a call.

Dougie: Anything you need, man.

Wake: What should I make for dinner tonight?

Dougie: Chicken parm.

Wake: ....really? That's what you said last night. And the night before.

You gotta play to your strengths, man. There are tons of other guys out there who make a shrimp scampi or roasted pork loin. Your pork loin is fine, but the chicken parm is your bread and butter.

Wake: It's like you, you know me, man.

Dougie: C'mon dude, don't cry. Tek, he knows his stuff.

Wake: (sobbing now) He...he...he suggested I make v-v-vegetable soup!

Dougie: Oh. I see.

Wake: Yeah.

Dougie: He'll learn you, man. He's a good guy.

Wake: Dude, every time I go up to him, he's working on his Matt Clement binder!

Dougie: Makes sense. (beat) But look, just go with your instincts. You're gonna be fine. Come on, give us a smile.

Wake: O-okay.

Dougie: I can tell you're not smiling. Come on. Who's Dougie's favorite thug?

Wake: I...I am.

Dougie: That's right. Now, be sure to send Dougie some of that parm when you hit up the left coast.