Thursday, January 12, 2006


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Dear Mom and Dad,

Hi! It's your son, Kevin. I had such a good time seeing you guys at Chanukah.* Wasn't it funny when I put the dog in a sweater? Anyhow, I'm just writing to tell you that I've got some really good news! I don't have to play first base anymore!

Jed and Ben called me this morning and told me that they're inventing a whole new position for me, called 3rd Base Plus! The league is cool with it. Basically, while Mike Lowell is playing third base, I am going to be playing right next to him! They're going to let J.T. Snow handle first, since I am needed at 3rd Base Plus. It's amazing how innovative this team is. I'm sure other teams will cotton right on to doing it. Ben and Jed said it's going to be more physically demanding (since it is 3rd Base Plus), so I'm working hard at getting faster.

Anyway, I hope you guys are well. I look forward to your visit later!

Kevin Youkilis
Greek God of Walks

*my transcriber is fired.